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Note: You MUST be approve after you submit this form, so please be patient until we reach out to you.

Private Members Association

      Interested in JOINING our private members Association known as the ANPC International nation?


**IMPORTANT UPDATE!   As we, the people known as ANPC International continue to grow and advance in our operations as a private Nation, we continue to make changes and corrections that will better serve our nation community as a whole. The Implementation of a monthly contribution by subscription to the community from All members who want to remain active is one of these changes implemented to make us stronger and give each member a cutting edge with a Mandatory Exception using the Rule IRC §508 (c) 1 a. This is highly important for our community as we continue to face growing Pressures in our day to day lives from greedy Corporations who very obviously have no concern for the individual or their family's welfare. We do our best to provide for needs of every individual who joins us.



1.    Fill out the following Questionnaire to the best of your knowledge.   

2.    You will then be contacted to Schedule a live call with our team

3.    Once approved You may become part of our Nation and obtain a yearly membership subscription  of   $399 (family discount Avail-$499 for couple + 2 offspring)

4. Once your payment is posted (within 72 hrs) you will receive access to all live Member Services, Trainings etc.


Note: Pre-1933 Morgan Silver Dollars are also accepted as a medium of exchange for those who choose.

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