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Vision of Faith Hope & Charity Ministries

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This page is where we show some of our outreach projects through Vision of Faith Hope & Charity TR. Our International Location is in El Salvador and our North American Office is at West Amherst, New York state.  We outreach in multiple countries around the world including Sierra Leone, Ghana, El Salvador and the Caribbean. Currently we are working in Sierra Leone Africa trying to assist children and people in the remote areas. This country still has not recovered from the war it suffered some years back and conditions are less than favorable for many of the children and people, especially in remote areas.
People who are interested in donating or contribution to these projects in any way, please email us directly at You may also Donate using the Donate Buttons below. Thank you for your interest in assisting us in this rewarding work!!


SLC Primary School Project- Kenema Africa-South of Sierre  Leone


Once we reach the Projected Goal, this project will be marked COMPLETED and we will post our next one up.

We have a brother in Sierra Leone interviewing schools in remote areas to see what the most pressing needs are. As you can see, this school has several needs. We are posting a quote directly from the church primary school of what it would cost to cover the most pressing needs such as buying wood and hardware to build furniture, repair the roof against rain etc. as well as the dollar conversion so you can see what we are working on.

Sierra Leone Church School Project

To the Left is an exact breakdown of what is needed to complete this project. Above you will see the Currency convertor showing the project requires $2,409.88 USD. Our goal is to have these funds by mid April if possible so this project can move forward. If you would like to contribute, please click the Donate Button Below. Thank you to each one who has assisted in our prior projects and who continue to support us in this outreach!

International Address: Desvio Nahualapa, Rosario La Paz Depto La Paz El Salvador

North America Office: 435 Creekside Ste 200 East, West Amherst, New York [14228]

Mail: PO Box 122, Hillsboro, Kansas state [67063]

Office Phone: 716-869-1311    Fax: 312-463-4344


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